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1. When can I get the police report?

Experienced Sonoma County DUI lawyers will explain to you that In most cases, police reports in Sonoma County are not released until the arraignment (the first court date) in Santa Rosa. In fact, this is actually the purpose of the first court date, to inform the defendant (or better yet his/her DUI attorney appearing on behalf of the defendant) of Sonoma County DUI Police Reportexactly what the charges will be, and to provide the documentation which the police and the district attorney intend to use to justify and support the arrest and the charges in a DUI case.

Typically the police report isn't even completed until at least a few weeks after the DUI arrest incident. First it is usually routed to the officer's supervisor, then to the Sonoma County District Attorney's office for evaluation by a deputy District Attorney, and sometimes returned to the police agency and the specific arresting officer for more information or investigation. If charges are never filed by the District Attorney then the officer's report might never be released! Click on Anatomy of a Sonoma County DUI on this site for a typical view of the entire Sonoma County DUI process.

Compassionate Sonoma DUI attorneys understand that most people are anxious to find out about their DUI field sobriety and alcohol test results. Make no mistake: Sonoma County police officers almost always score DUI arrestees very low on field sobriety tests regardless of how you were encouraged in the field (think about it, if the reports say you passed all your tests and blew below .08, then the officer's subsequent arrest of you would look pretty stupid and would likely be thrown out; this is not a scenario police want to allow).

Most people want to know their blood and/or breath results as soon as possible. Blood samples are routed to the Santa Rosa lab of the Department of Justice where test results can take several weeks or even longer to be produced and returned to the District Attorney. Sometimes blood results after a DUI arrest may remain unknown beyond the first court appearance (although often a resourceful Sonoma DUI attorney can obtain breath and/or blood results sooner, even before the prosecutor).

The best Santa Rosa DUI lawyers counsel recent arrestees to be patient. Normally, all "discovery" information and documentation (such as arrest reports, lab reports, dash cam and body-worn camera video, breath machine records, supplemental records and information, etc.) is supplied, considered and resolved in due course with ample time and opportunity to mount defenses and resolve a matter in your best interests. In the meantime, there is plenty of constructive work for you to do. Click on Ten Tips for the First 48 Hours After Arrest. Consult with a Sonoma County DUI lawyer about your specific case.


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